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Successful players in the power industry all share a common trait – their commitment to hiring top talent.

People are the fuel that drive the power industry forward, but finding the best employees is a full-time job. Partnering with an experienced hiring expert specializing in power industry recruitment makes good business sense.

David Wood has been finding high caliber talent for leading power industry firms since 1987, opening The David Wood Company in 1993. The firm’s deep experience combined with our core network of seasoned power industry recruiters give us the tools to quickly fill your positions with quality people.

Our firm’s core competencies focus on position searches for skilled power plant and power industry professionals. From operators and technicians to plant managers to senior corporate executives, we’ll put our expertise and experience to work for you, ensuring your business has the talent capital so crucial to your success.


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We can provide you with a multitude of services which enable us to customize a search or staffing solution for your individual needs.

These services include the following: retained search, contingency search and contract staffing.

Retained Search

Assignments are generally reserved for rushed or extremely sensitive searches and typically involve a partial advanced payment that gives priority to your assignment. The full payment is not contingent upon placement.

Contingency Search

Payment of search fees are “contingent” on the hiring of a referred candidate. Based on your requirements, we conduct an in-depth search but only receive payment when we produce results.

Contract Staffing

Allows you to bring in professional-level employees for a specific length of time or for a specific project.

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